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Why Open Space

Open Space Early Learning Center is a phenomenal program that is a welcome space for families, children, professionals and contributors. We stand firm in our philosophy and strive to provide quality care and opportunities that benefit the whole child. Teachers are able to work within a framework that allows for flexibility while still being guided by practices that are developmentally appropriate. Families are welcome to be involved and are respected as unique units that offer a diverse range of perspectives, values and expectations.

At Open Space we use Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) to inform our decision making and guide our practice. This approach is rooted in research and the understanding of how children develop and learn and is used to guide teaching along with our philosophy. It involves teachers understanding of where children are in their stage in development, as individuals and as a group. It considers what we learn about a child individually, such as their temperament and interests. It also considers what is culturally appropriate. By getting to know families and what their views and perspectives are, we are able to provide experiences that are respectful and meaningful while also providing opportunities for family involvement.