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Our curriculum is based off of the Creative Curriculum, with a Project Based Approach in mind and with Vygotskian influences. Our program is rooted in theories and research that show children learn best through play. One of the theorists that informs this understanding is Lev Vygotsky. Vygotsky believed that children are active participants in the acquisition of knowledge. He believed that through play, children make sense of their world, develop language and develop important cognitive skills. From the Vygotskian perspective development exists as a continuum with degrees of maturation. In this sense children can learn by working in collaboration with adults or with more experienced peers. We encourage Vygotsky’s theories by incorporating a Project Based Approach when creating lessons.

The Project Based approach allows children to be active in their own learning because the teaching and learning process is interactive. The project is an in-depth investigation of a real world topic that can be carried out as an entire class or smaller group of students. The teacher will select a topic and then, along with students will brainstorm ideas about the idea as well as knowledge or experiences the students might have with the topic. With guidance from the teacher, students learn through observation, hands-on experience and reflection. The Creative Curriculum follows the idea that children learn by doing. Additionally, the Creative Curriculum is tied to the early learning standards which provides developmental objectives that guides teachers in developing their lessons and projects.